SOTL: Quid pro quo

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So I'm feeling rejected right now :( My friend just got Twilight and rather than talking to me for hours like she usually does, she's gone off to READ. Wtf? Twilight: More important than friends since 2005.

Anyway, there was a post on twilight_bookwith a picture that claimed to be Jack!sper, now I'm doubtful but if it is him...I present to you:

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SOTL: Quid pro quo

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twilight_macros   friending meme bbz!

Be as srs or as silly as you want with your answers!
SOTL: Quid pro quo

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Ok, since we already have a few posts about this, we may aswell make it todays theme! I'm sure there are plenty more jokes to be had with this.

Todays theme is 'Jasper & teh weave'

As always, you don't have to stick to the theme, post any lolz you have, but if you were feeling uninspired, try this prompt and see what you can come up with :D

And leave us some love u guize!

I also want to point out that if you're simply WATCHING the community, you won't be getting any updates since all posts are now flocked. So please join if you want to see the macros!
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We Be Buddehs Here


Inspired by cat macros and sweeney macros and all the macros on teh interwubz, I bring you:


A place for all those silly graphix you know you are making but have yet found the courage to post!

We love our fandom guiez, and we care about the books and the movie, but sometimes we just need to unwind from all teh dramaz and appreciate the lolz this fandom brings.

So join! Post! Make fun of stuff! We encourage it!

-Teh Modz.

Below is a sampling of what lies inside. Plz do be joining us?

Mod Post

Oh wow, mod post, first one, ooooo sparkly.

Anyway guys, someone just posed a good question to me and I though I'd go ahead and post it up here in case anyone else wonders, and also go over our very very small amount of rules.

No, we don't really have a problem if you joined just to witness the lolz, as long as you comment, people that make the macros like to know if they made you lol, so please, please let them know! Also, if you've never ever EVER made a Macro and you are afraid to try, don't be!!! Remember this ISN'T SRS BSNSS, it's all in good fun and no one is going to bash you or tell you you fail, if you wanna give it a shot, go for it. In fact we have a link in the link secction that can help you get started.

Since we are nearing the 100 LURKER mark, I'm going to turn on the friends only function. NO I am not closing membership, anyone and their Billy Black can join, in fact the more the merrier, I'm just doing it cause I would prefer to share the lulz with people who actually want to be a PART of them not just witness them. Like I said above, comments are our muses, we whore our macros out for comments :D.

Now the rulz, I hate rulz, so there's just a few:

-Big images behind a cut please, we don't need to molest peoples flists.

-Macros MUST be Twilight related, it can be a pic of whatever you want as long as the text relates to Twilight and vice versa

-Respect, but you guys know that, you are a cool bunch.

So that sums that up, if you have a comment, suggestion, praise :D feel free to post it here. FO banner goes up in just a few minutes, todays posts will remain public as a sample of what the comm is about, but starting tomorrw/in an hour, posts will be F/O so if you havn't JOINED yet, please do so, we'd love to have you.

Katzy teh Mod
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WOW GUIEZ! I am blow away by the response to this! All the macros posted tonight are made of WIN! You guys r0x0rz mah b0x0rz and rawr my drawrz. 82 members and 89 stalkers in less than 24 hours! We the modz and founderz feel so speshul and honored! Keep the lulz coming guyz, it's what we are here for! and if you got suggestions or want to affiliate feel free to contact either of us!

Here's a present for all the win!

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